Space Holder Sessions

Holding space for someone to go through their own process is something that naturally comes to me.

So what do I mean when I hold space?

I create a safe honest space where you can openly share your inner world.
In which I become your mirror and shine light on your shadows in a loving compassionate way.

My way is of hard love.

I have been dubbed ‘The Bullshit Exterminator’.

An honest raw truth that comes from my intuitive heart.
Encouraging you to step into your intuition and love.
By going with the flow and moving through everything that comes up in your inner world.

There is only one way that this will work and that is if you are open, honest and aren’t afraid to express your vulnerabilities, fears and deep emotions.

So if you are dealing with blockages in your life and inner world, and this process resonates with you, and you’d like to share this experience with me as a space holder, get in touch.