• Love
  • Who Am I?

    Photo by the ever amazing Chiara Zoe   As I embark on this journey, to express myself (digitally) to the world, I keep getting asked the questions ‘What is your story? What is the word that stands for what you do? How are you going to define who you are?’ And so organically this process […]

  • Diary

    There is a state of being that I like to call pro-active nothingness. It is the way I live. I breathe into silence and trust in the flow of life. As soon as I start doubting myself and life, with all it’s glorious mysteries, I am constricting it. I am obstructing the flow by trying […]

  • Diary
  • Diary Excerpt 12.10.16

    Let us bow down to these feelings we have inside of us. Jealousy Anger Pain Joy Happiness Sadness Miserable Excitement And all the other emotions that float up to the surface. They are your temporary friends To guide you into your own love Look at their root Look at where are they coming from Realize […]

  • Diary
  • Diary Excerpt 27.10.16

    It just suddenly hits me. Bam. There it is. I can feel it in my chest. A subtle deepening. An widening of my heart. My love growing even bigger, deeper and more profound. It comes to me whenever it feels like it. Whether my mind is blank, Or I am listening to music, Or I […]