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  • Who Am I?

    Photo by the ever amazing Chiara Zoe   As I embark on this journey, to express myself (digitally) to the world, I keep getting asked the questions ‘What is your story? What is the word that stands for what you do? How are you going to define who you are?’ And so organically this process […]

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  • Find The Joy

    What is the joy in this moment right now?   Where does joy lie in your life?   Where can we seek out the joy in this situation?   Joy is the expression of love and a pretty easy way to tap into the abundant love that you hold within.   It really is as […]

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  • Living with Death on my Shoulder

    I open up Facebook and am faced with, yet again, a post about someone’s death. With that, a whole slew of RIP posts pop up. From people saying how much they’ll miss them to reminiscing on the good times to just wishing them well into their next journey après la vie. Don’t you think it’s […]

  • Diary
  • Space Holder Story #1

    Today, I had the honour of holding space for a wonderful human being! She sent me  message saying ‘Want to go for coffee today? I need some of your energy!’ So we met up, walked in the sun for a bit and ended up settling down in a comfy old chesterfield couch at the back […]