Who Am I?

Photo by the ever amazing Chiara Zoe  
As I embark on this journey, to express myself (digitally) to the world, I keep getting asked the questions
‘What is your story? What is the word that stands for what you do? How are you going to define who you are?’
And so organically this process started of figuring out ‘who I am’ and ‘what my message is’.
Because there are SO many ways to define who I am.
A human with boobs.
A multi-local across the globe.
A meditator when the need arises.
A writer when the words want to flow.
A dancer when the music calls me to move.
An inspiration speaker when the flow just comes.
An absolute enjoyer of life.
Yes yes yes, I am all of those.
I cannot just choose one of these ‘terms’ and stick with it.
I am WAY more than that!
And what is the message behind all these things?
Is it happiness?
Is it go live your life?
Is it all the power you need is within you?
Well it’s actually just a combination of all these things!
And just right now, I was in meditation and these questions came up.
And I had a BIG insight although it came through me in a subtle way.
(And I stopped my meditation sesh early to write this article)
It is SO simple.
I am Ashley Kalila and my message is pretty damn clear.
Just be your fucking authentic self.
Because that is EXACTLY what I am doing!
So there.
That is it.
And I know that in terms of branding and marketing, this might not be the best but I don’t really care.
It is the best for me right now because it is EXACTLY what I live.
And I deeply feel that when things are flowing out of a positive loving space (like this DEFINITELY is!), then things will flow ‘successfully’.
I put the word ‘successfully’ between two apostrophes because I believe that everything in life is positive, even if in the moment it might seem negative, because everything is there to teach you and move you into your loving space.
So hello there! I am Ashley and I am just going to be my authentic beautifully outrageous and weird self!
Who loves to use the word fuck.
Who smiles a lot and starts conversations with complete random strangers.
Who just wants to share what I feel wants to be shared.
Whatever is lingering in my heart and feels the need to be expressed.
And I have no idea where this journey will take me, but what I do know is that it is going to be goooooooood.
With a lot of fucking love,

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