Living with Death on my Shoulder

I open up Facebook and am faced with, yet again, a post about someone’s death.

With that, a whole slew of RIP posts pop up.

From people saying how much they’ll miss them to reminiscing on the good times to just wishing them well into their next journey après la vie.

Don’t you think it’s crazy how fragile life can be sometimes?

And how at the same time, we are SO damn strong and can survive so many things!

Realize, right now, that you could have died thousands of times already in this lifetime.

You could have died at ANY point.

But you didn’t.

You are still here.

Isn’t that a real blessing?

I believe that with all of my being.

It is such a BLESSING to be alive and find life is such a celebration!

And this is EXACTLY the reason why we should live life as authentic as possible.

Truly live the way WE want to live.

Not how anyone else thinks our life should be.

And yes my dear, it takes courage.

But what if you were to walk this Earth with Death always living on your shoulder?

That is the way I choose to experience this life.

With the reminder of Death always near, as a reminder to really LIVE.

To FULLY live this life.


It may sound macabre to you, to live together with Death in such a way.

But feel past that part.

What if you deeply knew you could die at any moment in time?

Like right now.


Doesn’t that give you SO much incentive to REALLY live?


Whether it does or not, it boils down to what ultimately is going to work for you to live your authentic life.

There are SO many ways and tools to use, to wake up your heart and to shake off those fears of the ‘ifs and buts’ and to just GO FOR IT!

So find what works for you!


This works for me.

And I love it!


Keeping death in my heart, gives me the freedom to be fully alive.



With all my love for life and death,


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