Moving through Resistance

Oh how much resistance I have felt in my life!!

In the past, I always took it as a warning sign from my intuition to STAY AWAY FROM THAT PERSON AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE.

To not let that person discover the inner truths that I hold within my heart.

I literally did not want their energy to mingle with my energy whatsoever.

Just get out of my reality. BYE.

And I have had my nearest and dearest have long conversations with me about how my approach to these people is too harsh.

‘Where is the compassion Ashley?’ is a question I have been asked A LOT.

But my self-compassion will always come number one and my intuition is telling me to not let these people in, so I am just going to listen to all of that.

And actually by doing that, I am honouring myself and those people too.

Because they are going to ‘feel’ my uncomfortable state of being around them and it’ll all just turn into this mumble jumble of a mess.

So let’s not go there.



recently, and I really wish I knew how exactly,

but my resistance to people has melted away.

I am faced with people that I used to feel SO MUCH resistance to and am only met with a soft kindness towards them in my heart.

I see that the resistance I was feeling before was towards their inner struggle.

The pain, fear, anguish and all other beautiful intense feelings that we as humans struggle with, are the parts of people that I USED to feel resistance to.

I see it SO clearly, and the space has created this sweet soft kindness which just makes me want to hug them.

And that’s what I do.

I give them one of my best hugs and hold them in my arms.

Because that is all anyone really wants.

A bit of loving, a bit of space holding and a space to just be.


So I sincerely hope that the next time, I feel resistance pop up in my inner world, I can move through it and just go directly into the soft kindness.


This does not mean we should not listen to our gut instinct when it comes to meeting others from the heart.

Intuition and ‘having a feeling’ is deeply important to take note of for your own compassion and love.

Some questions that have helped me on the path of resistance are :

  • Why am I feeling this resistance?
  • What is it in that person that I am actually really resisting to?
  • Are they shining light on my own shadows?

Try it out! See what happens!


With all of the soft kindness in the world,




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