It is time to shut the fuck up

I see you.
What you are doing.
Pretending to talk from your heart
But really you are speaking with your mind.
Trying to look intelligent
Like you a heart-based human living in the flow
But no, all you are doing is feeding your fear
I see you.
For all that you are.
Using those big words
Complicated sentences being your go-to thing
Yes I see all of you
And I feel deep compassion for that
But isn’t it maybe time to STOP?
Stopped lying to yourself.
Stopped fucking around and ACTUALLY doing the work.
How about you shut up now, and just dive deep into that glorious heart of yours?
Where words will lose their significance
And everything else falls away
Stop with all the fucking mind fluff
And just reach into the heart and just BE.
It is time you shut the fuck up.

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