Space Holder Story #2 : Otherside of the world phone session

Space holding doesn’t mean that I need to be there with you physically, as this story will show you.

Aka Space Holding Via The Phone!


Let’s call him G.

G saw my facebook post about holding space, and even though he is on the other side of the world, living on a farm in the middle of nowhere, he wanted to have the experience of space holding with me.

So we did that via whatsapp voice calling!


I could hear in his voice that he wasn’t feeling good and he felt like he was losing control of a situation.

First, he started talking about the external world and other people until I gently asked him to stop.

This wasn’t about other people, this was about him!

So he turned inwards and explained to me what he was experiencing.

The beauty of it was that he could see EXACTLY what was happening.

He didn’t ‘feel’ much, yet he knew he was suppressing his feelings.

And then when the feelings did arise, he didn’t know how to channel those feelings and express them adequately.

A frustrating situation as you can imagine.

I could hear the anxiety creep into his voice.

So I told him what I intuitively knew he had to do.

‘G, stop. Right now. Stop. And breathe. Deeply. Just breathe.’

It is never about the external world, it is just all about the inner world.

The inner world is where the opportunities lie to move through our blockages.

G breathed deeply and felt the calm come over him.

I advised him to start a short meditation everyday.

A metta (loving kindness) meditation.

Not only to get into contact with his own self-love, but to deepen the compassion and love for others.

Especially those who have ‘hurt’ him.

Ultimately, it is always ourselves that hurt ourselves but other people are the mirrors of that!

And I am deeply filled with joy to say that metta meditation has transformed his situation from fear-based into love-based.

He can feel compassion and love for people, even though they do not reciprocate his feelings.

That is where true liberation lies!

Having unconditional love and compassion.


Freedom is within us.


With all of the unconditional love and compassion in the world,






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