Space Holder Story #1

Today, I had the honour of holding space for a wonderful human being!

She sent me  message saying ‘Want to go for coffee today? I need some of your energy!’

So we met up, walked in the sun for a bit and ended up settling down in a comfy old chesterfield couch at the back of this lovely little coffee place that was completely empty.

In front of me,  was this glorious human, struggling with things happening in her life.

She was closed off from herself.

And through the process of taking her deep down into her emotions with me holding her hand, we shone light on her shadows.

Encouraging her to see things clearly for herself.

Diving deep into those difficult spaces within us that we’d much rather run away from.

Sometimes I was tough.

But I was always loving.

Bit by bit, she opened up through my questions and just being there with her.

Nudging the process further, setting the place for her to open to those sweet spaces within.


And then there it was,

a soft peace and opening within herself.


So incredible to see.

This process of being closed off and opening up like a flower in bloom is just magnificent!

She felt lighter, brighter and stronger!

And you could really see it in her eyes and being.


I am so deeply thankful to be able to do this.

To hold space for someone to move through themselves.

To shine light on shadows.


Just simply by being there.

By being my complete authentic self.


Fuck, I feel SO deeply blessed to be able to share these experiences with people.


I cannot wait for the next one!




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