Living from the heart and being our true authentic self is the greatest gift in life! 

So as you’ve probably guessed from the name of this website, I am Ashley Kalila and this is the platform I use to share.

What do I mean by sharing?

Sharing is my path in life.

That is all that I can do.

By sharing the depths of my heart, the titillating thoughts of my mind, the flow of emotions that pass through me and showing you the clear lens that I see reality through, I am shamelessly myself and absolutely love it!

This shameless expression of being myself has touched people deeply and caused a beautiful positive ripple of change in their lives and this is the reason I started this platform!

There are two ways of spreading light; to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it. 

~Edith Wharton

I believe that we can all live from our hearts and be our authentic selves.
And sometimes we need a little encouragement from the outer world, to go into our inner world.

This is where I step in!

By sharing parts of my authentic self, I encourage you to be your genuine self
and go within and to live from the heart.

Now what needs to be said is that not everyone resonates with me and that is completely fine.

We are all walking in the same direction yet on different paths!

But if your intuition is calling you to explore with me a little further, this is where you can find me!

I share via writing.

I share via Youtube videos.

I share via one-on-one space holding sessions.

I share via meditation classes.

I gladly share the deep inner workings of my heart, the boundless truths could possibly be what you need to hear.

I have been dubbed ‘The Bullshit Exterminator’.

Especially when doing the space holding sessions!

An honest raw truth that comes from my intuitive heart.

I am flowing effortlessly through life and I know that you can do that too!

Living completely from love.

This doesn’t mean that ‘bad’ stuff doesn’t happen. It definitely does!

But let us experience it with a deep gratitude and full acceptance because it is all there to show us the way back to our essence!

And with that it just flows through and gets processed in the most loving and compassionate way.

Do I resonate with you?
Does your intuition say that I can help you in some way?
Would you like to find out more about me?
Or would you like to simply meet me (whether that’s online or in the real world)

Send me an e-mail!

With love from my intuitive heart ,

Ashley Kalila


Just a few simple facts that you may like to know

Born in The Netherlands in 1990

Raised in the South of Spain

Is a freelance barista (I love coffee!)

Lived in India and Germany whilst studying

Has a bachelor in International Communication Management

Is a certified 200 hour yoga and meditation teacher

Has Reiki level 1

Loves to dance, write, listen to music, be in nature and eating food

Adores the sun, the sea and the sand

Has always lived from the intuitive heart

Has experienced a lot of ‘bad’ things in life but sees them as gifts for my self-love and development

Laughs everyday

Has so much love in life, it just astounds me!

Has an attitude of gratitude